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Manager, Optical Biology Core Facility

Adeela Syed, Ph.D.

phone: 949-824-3856

email: adeelas@UCI.edu

Director, Optical Biology Core Facility

J.Lawrence Marsh, PhD.

phone: 949-824-6677

email: jlmarsh@uci.edu

OBC Steering committee members:

Dr. Dritan Agalliu (Department of Developmental & Cell Biology)

Dr. Charlie Glabe (Department of Molecular Biology & Biochemistry)

Dr. Marian Waterman (Department of Microbiology & Molecular Genetics)

Dr. Enrico Gratton (Department Biomedical Engineering/Director of LFD)

Dr. David Luo (Department of Anesthesia & Perioperative Care)

Dr. Olivier Cinquin (Department of Developmental & Cell Biology)

Dr. Sunil Gandhi (Department of Neurobiology & Behavior)

Click here for more information on OBC operations and structure. For information on administrative issues please contact Andrea Wiley.