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Obtain Quantitative Information About Your Cells and Individual Molecules

The sensitivity of LSM 780 is quite simply outstanding. The GaAsP detector achieves 65 percent quantum efficiency compared to 25 percent typically by conventional PMT detectors. This results in accurate details and contrast-rich images of the challenging specimens you encounter in your live cell imaging.

The system’s illumination and detection design allows you to simultaneously acquire up to ten dyes. You excite any common fluorophore with up to eight different lasers, detecting the signals with the 32 channel GaAsP detector. LSM 780 is so sensitive, the system even allows photon counting.

The LSM780 at the OBC also has:

  • 2-photon laser for deep penetration of samples
  • A FLIM (Fluorescence Lifetime Microscopy) detector for studying molecules based on their fluorescence lifetime provides a way of studying things such as metabolic states of cancer cells compared to normal cells and any situation that would typically employ FRET